Makovcz buildings of Makó

Imre Makovecz (1935-2011) Kossuth Prize winning hungarian architect became related to Makó, with the reconstruction of the Hagymaház. This business association outgrow itself to a long term collaboration. He and his co-workers helped building the sports hall of the gymnasium, the renewing of the town square, the relocation of the Kossuth statue, the renovation of the Kalvin Primary School, designing of the new bus terminal and the formation of public office on Csanád vezér square. He designed the Zenepavilon on the Marczibányi Square. His most important plan in our town was designing the Hagymatikum Thermal Bath, although he could not live to see its consecration.

  • Bus terminal 
  • Hagymaház 
  • Hagymatikum Thermal Bath 
  • Kálvin Primary School 
  • Public office building 
  • Újváros créche 
  • Town Sports Hall