The Tree Crown Canopy Walkway

For those who are regular hikers, the sight, the noises and smells of the forest would show no novelty; but for them and for those visitors who get to know the forest, it can be a novel experience to get to know the with the world of tree canopy from up close. The higher we get towards the upper levels of the canopy, the more different the world becomes around us, other kinds of creatures, birds appear, but the same tree giant would show a different face as well, up between the sunny, windy branches of the canopy than looking upwards from the perspective of the leaf mold cover and the thick boles. On the canopy walkway we may also find a suspension bridge, we may take a rest in the shady parts of „Onion Terrace”, we can climb up to the sightseeing tower for a magnificient view or we can try the quickest way to descend, the tube slide built for the venturesome.

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