The József Attila Museum in Makó was  founded in 1950. Besides its rich ethnographic and historical collection, it hides truly rare pieces of literary and fine art. The stationary exhibition consisting the historical portrait gallery and its breathtaking interior shows the story of this town and is based on these collections. A true speciality is the operable Ford Model T from 1919, which was partially designed by a native born, named József Galamb. In the museum’s backyard, the „skanzen” can be found, where a blacksmith, wainwright and a carpenter workshop can bee seen. There is also a farmhouse and a contemporary onion farming house guides the visitors through the onion raising traditions of the town. There is also an artesian well exhibition and a wall of old memorial tablets. Also in the backyard a statue of Elisabeth of Bavaria, made by György Zala can be found. Only a few steps from the Museum located, the house of the literature fond János Espensit’s house called Espensit House, where both Attila József and Gyula Juhász were welcomed guest. However visitors may also find memories of Ferenc Móra here. It would be a shame not to see the heartwarming contemporary relics of this place as well.

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